Basic Cap Wigs

The basic cap (also known as capless or traditional cap) is the most common, sometimes called standard or traditional, wig cap design. This cap is constructed using narrow strips of material, or wefts, that are attached to the frame of the wig, usually by a machine. 
The top of the wig cap base has a solid lace top (closed top), where only the sides and back are designed with open rows (wefts). Because the wefts are open, you can actually put your fingers through them and touch your scalp. This open weft design helps provide a lighter, cooler, and more comfortable fit. In order to help conceal the rows of wefts, the base of the wefts are “crimped” or have shorter fibers added.
These features also create lift and volume. Most wigs in this category are considered low maintenance because they are ready to wear out of the box, with minimal styling and preparation needed.