• Ardell Lash Accessories, False Eyelash Cleaning Kit

Ardell Lash Accessories, False Eyelash Cleaning Kit

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Ardell's False Lash Cleaning Kit has all the right tools to conveniently cleanse and care for false lashes and extend the product life for multiple uses.

  • This formula cleans, conditions, and refreshes false lashes to reuse
  • Easy to use False Eyelash Cleaning Spray (0.25 oz)
  • Lash Tool helps remove old glue and residue

How to Use:

  • To thoroughly clean lashes, clean first with the metal brush and finish with the bristle brush. Hold bottle several inches from lashes and spray generously. Let lashes sit for a few minutes to allow the cleanser to soften adhesive. Gently remove any remaining adhesive/residue with cleanser tool. Allow lashes to air dry, Repeat if necessary. 
  • Precautions: Keep out of the reach of children.

Shipping Restrictions : This item cannot be shipped via air.