• Doll Look Lashes - Bambi
  • Doll Look Lashes - Bambi

Doll Look Lashes - Bambi

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Dainty, Doll-Look Faux Lashes: Ardell’s clustered, cropped and curled false lashes made for creating simple doll-look lashes. Crafted with short-length fibers stacked to moderate volume. Comes with a black lash band for easy eyeliner effect.


Get ready to fawn over this flattering wide-eyed doll lash. Spiky long clusters form a 
V for volume, opening your eyes to bigger, brighter possibilities.  

• Full volume, long length
• Rounded shape provides an intense eye-opening effect while making the eye shape appear more symmetrical 
• Uneven lengths play long against short to unleash fluffy fullness 
• Spiky V-shaped clusters volumize the lash line
• Long spikes bring a bit of a boldness to the baby doll look
• Transitions from desk to dinner with ease
• Doll up lashes quickly and comfortably with our effortless, fuss-free falsies
• Black flexible band rims the eyes with extra depth and definition for an eyeliner look