• Ridgefiller Basecoat, 0.6floz

Ridgefiller Basecoat, 0.6floz

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The "original" Ridgefiller by Orly is the #1 preferred primer basecoat of the professional manicurist. It contains talc to fill ridges, smooth rough surfaces on nails and help polish last days longer.
  • If your nail beds are a little uneven from removing artificial nails or a temporary nail repair, this works wonders.
  • Net Wt:  0.6 oz

Disclaimer: Color shows up slightly different based on bottle type and how it may dry. Each color swatch or photo shown can vary from screen to screen as well as production batch as components of the lacquer or gels are made. These swatches are designed to give you a good idea of the color but may vary after drying.