• Walker Signature Adhesive,  4oz
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Walker Signature Adhesive, 4oz

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Walker Signature Adhesive is one step above the Ultra Hold Adhesive Brand. With consistent 4+ week hold times, it removes easily and has a quick cleanup for a liquid adhesive. Dries clear and stays strong.


Maximum Wear (4-6 weeks) adhesives are the longest-lasting adhesives we make. Depending on temperature, humidity, and body oils, they can last up to six weeks. Usually the most tacky, they require more skill to apply.

Preparation:  Bond Breaker should always be the first step in preparing for an install. Bond Breaker Shampoo breaks down the adhesives, scrubs the skin, and cleans the hair in one step.


Removal:  Walker Signature Remover is a medical grade, organic remover designed specifically for use with Walker Signature Adhesive. It works quickly and is incredibly skin safe.