Tress Allure

Discover The Most Comfortable Wigs In The World from TressAllure®. Change Your Look When You Change Your Mind. See the Full Collection Today! Cool Comfort Cap. Effortless Fibers. Undetectable Hairline. TressDimensional Colors.

Tone-on-Tone TressDimensional®️ Colors

TressAllure offers two exclusive dynamic color ranges, LOOK Fabulous Style-Able Effortless™️ Synthetic Fiber color range and Classic Looks Modacrylic Effortless™️ Synthetic Fiber. With the exception of pure black and pure white, all TressAllure®️ colors are made from a blend of 7-11 different shades to make one salon-inspired color with cool highlights, warm low lights, and tipped and rooted shades for depth. Be certain your color choice is available in your style choice.

TressAllure®️ offers two proprietary synthetic fiber blends that perfectly replicate the density, movement, look and feel of fine human hair. Each of our fiber blends has their own unique color pallets and characteristics. Style-Able Effortless™️ Synthetic Fiber is featured in our LOOK Fabulous Collection and can be straightened or curled with a flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer, or hot rollers with heat up to 320º Fahrenheit or 160º Celsius.

Our Modacrylic Effortless™️ Synthetic Fiber featured in our TressAllure®️ Classic Looks collection features a lustrous sheen and density and shake and wear styling. Heat cannot be applied to modacrylic fibers.