T3 Calcium LED/UV Versatility Self-Leveling Gel

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Cuccio Pro T3 Calcium LED/UV Self Leveling Gel - 1oz 6952-LED
  • Calcium enriched T3 gel for natural nails. To enhance stronger, longer lasting nails.
  • Fortified with CALCIUM to strengthen the natural nail and to help promote nail growth
  • Prevents nail from cracking
  • Can be used over natural nails as a natural foundation or to create a protective base for applying other materials, such as polish or Veneer Soak off Gel. The base always protects the natural nail.
  • Curing Time LED Lamp is 60 seconds; UV Lamp is 2min
  • Cool Cure Technology to avoid extreme heat
  • 100% odor free
  • Will not form bubbles