Headline It!® Wig Liner

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HEADLINE IT! is an essential product for any wig wearer. The individually wrapped packages are small enough to take with you anywhere and discretely packaged for your convenience.

  • The nude back layer, is great for camouflaging the liner under wigs and headwear. The unique combination of micro-fiber materials are engineered specifically for your needs to stay dry and comfortable in the summer and winter.
  • The non-slip material keeps wigs, hat, scarves in place, while the moisture transport system quickly draws perspiration away from the skin, wicking it into the transport layer.
  • Features & Benefits:
  1. High tech wicking materials captures perspiration and keeps you dry! - Hygienic disposable liner reduces odor causing bacteria.
  2. Protects wigs and headwear from dirt, oil, and sweat stains.
  3. Ultra-thin, breathable material allows air to ventilate.
  4. Saves money: Extends the life of your wigs and headwear. - Saves time: Less frequent washing of wigs
  5.  Keeps the head cooler in summer, warmer in winter by evaporating the sweat. - Non-slip material under logo, helps prevent slippage in wigs, hats and scarves.
  6. TAN COLOR of liner blends in discretely under wigs. - Average use ten (10) times per liner. - Ten (10) individually wrapped liners per box. (90 day supply)"