Milk & Honey Butter & Scrub, Butter Blend Duo

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This Cuccio Butter Blend Duo includes 4oz Milk & Honey Butter Blend and 4oz Milk & Honey Butter & Scrub

Cuccio Naturale's Milk & Honey Butter Blend is a non-oily, intense hydrating treatment that will leave you with silky smooth skin. Honey extract, a natural humectant, moisturizes and adds vital nutrients, with a soothing scent of Milk & Honey. Great to use after exfoliating with the milk & honey sea salts.

Cuccio Naturale's Milk & Honey Butter & Scrub exfoliates & hydrates at the same time for extra soft, smooth skin. A non-oily, intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin. Butter Blend neutralizes free radicals and infuses moisture into dry skin. With 24-hour time released emollients, this creamy body butter penetrates the skin's dermis for slow hydration throughout the day.