Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Hair Brush

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  • - $2.73

Sportnette Ionic Smoothing Nylon Bristles - This tourmaline ion fusion brush features tourmaline nylon bristles that easily detangle stubborn knots. Ion charged, anti-static bristles feel great on the scalp, while smoothing dry or frizzy hair. The tourmaline bristles also help to reduce dry time.

  • Vented Brush Head - The tunnel vented head of the Ion Fusion Brush allows heated air from your blow dryer to do double duty, drying and styling your hair faster. By shortening the time your hair is exposed to heat, this vent brush also helps prevent damage.
  • Ball Tipped Bristles - This important feature on the Ion Fusion Vent Brush allows for gentle detangling. The ball at the end of the bristle allows for a soft and gentle feeling on the scalp. No more pain for people with sensitive scalps and children. These bendable bristles also make sure that there is never too much tension that could possibly damage the hair.
  • For Several Hair Types - The Spornette Ion Fusion Vented Hair Brush takes blow-drying and volumizing your hair to the next level. No matter your hair type - thick or thin, straight, wavy or curly. This ion vent brush is exactly what you need to achieve bouncy, smooth, full, and luxurious hair.
  • Snag-Free, One Piece Handle - With no ridges or gaps in the one-piece molded handle, there’s no space for hair to get caught or snagged while styling. This lightweight and ergonomic brush is great for everyday use and detangling. Hair brush measures (8 x 2.5 x 1.5) inches.